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Member Spotlight-Krystal Green

01/04/2023 9:30 AM | Steve Glass (Administrator)

VSHP Membership Spotlight

Krystal Green


What initially motivated you to join VSHP?

The opportunity to attend continuing education activities. They provided a space to network with other technicians from different pharmacies and learn from their work experiences. I have remained a member to be part of the growth of the organization and happy to see more technician involvement.


Where have you trained or worked? 

My pharmacy technician career started at Walgreens, from there I worked at Chippenham Medical Center and then Cardinal Health Nuclear Medicine. After working in the field, I transitioned to Pharmacy Technician education at Virginia College in Richmond.


Describe your current area of practice and practice setting:

Currently, I work at Piedmont Virginia Community College as the Program Director/Associate Professor. I have the pleasure of training new pharmacy technicians to work in either outpatient or inpatient pharmacies focusing on patient-centered care.


What advice would you give to a new technician?

I would advise a new technician to be present in the training process. To soak up the experience and pay close attention to detail. The skills and knowledge that are learned while working as a pharmacy technician will help in advancing their career and in their day-to-day lives but most importantly to be patient and kind.


Do you have any special interests or hobbies outside of work?

During the pandemic I discovered that I like to hike. I love seeing animals in their natural habitat and observing what nature has to offer.


What is your favorite place to vacation?

I love any place with sun and a beach.




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